Saturday, June 25, 2011

What Do You Want, Gentle Readers?

Often a blogger writes about what they are passionate about. They share about their lives, their struggles, the things that make them laugh... and I am no different. What I want to know is what you like about what I write, or more to the point, what you would like me to write about more.

This is your chance to tell me where to go.......

I love my "Special Manners" series and think that is a strong one to keep. I would love some topic ideas of things you have seen or encountered that you would like me to write on. Also, any hurdles you have faced that you think others should know about. 

I think the "PSA" are born out of things that make me mad or shake my head so I'm not sure what you, gentle reader, think of them. Again, if you like them, let me know what direction you would like to see them go. I'm big on my causes but I know not everyone is interested in such things... *sigh*....

Ok, so what about the product and services reviews? Do you think they may be a helpful feature? I would like to do more but I'm not sure if it's worth it. Let me know. If you would like me to review your website, product, or whatever, I would and will be fair but I can't say that I will like it just because we work together. Ya know what I mean?

That just leaves two more areas we need to talk about. Would you like to see more or less of my personal story and would you like more or less of my poems and stories? More Personal stuff? More creative writing? What do you like and dislike about my blog?

Comment and tell me so I know.... I'm never sure that you are there if you don't say hello or click like or some such thing. I do care, ya know? Thank You for coming back.

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  1. I want you to continue doing what you do, writing from your heart about things that matter to you, because they matter to us too, and giving a good rant where one is needed. Your Special Manners and PSAs are totally keepers, as is all your work. Keep it up. And don't forget to post links to where we can find more Gramma Crackers stories, I love those!


I welcome your thoughts if they are shared with respect and that you understand that we may not agree but we can still share and exchange ideas.