Friday, June 10, 2011

Share Share Alike And Other Rights

Go watch this before we chat, please: Arrested for Feeding Homeless

Ok, I understand rules, and laws, and am usually more tolerant of the stupid ones. I get that people shouldn't pay their bills in pennies. In Michigan a farmer can sleep with his animals.... well, some of them... and who am I to argue as long as everyone is consenting adults? This type of thing I can get over after a quick shake of head. But there are some things I don't understand, don't agree with, and am very confused about when it comes to the governing bodies and what they think they are allowed to tell me to or not to do.

We are supposed to look out for each other. The economy is horrible for most of the working poor and lower. So a group of people get some food together, meet at the park, and feed some folks. They are then arrested because they broke a law saying that you can not feed a group of people more then twice a year. It is bad to help others by feeding them rice and beans? Really? Again, I get that the law they were breaking was really about the fact that they had done that more then twice in 12 months but is there not some real crime that police and courts can deal with and let these folks help out other folks?

Say you are a parent. Isn't it your choice on what medical procedures your child gets (short of the treatments of injuries and life threatening illness) or doesn't get? Who's job is it to decide what your family eats or what type of meal you buy out? We are the head of our households yet we are told what our kids can eat, watch, listen to, and play with.

I am a woman. I feel that what I do with my body is my business. I should live and die as best as I can and how I choose as long as I harm no one. I feel that my friend can sleep with what ever consenting adult he chooses to. I think that I can pray however I want or not, as I see fit. I think the government on a whole is getting way to into my private law abiding life. I also think it should be alright for me to help others as I see fit. We should be able to grow food and have chickens if we have the room and take proper care of them . We should have the right to live.

I watch. I pay attention. I may not be the smartest tool in the shed but neither am I the dullest. I'm scared of the direction we are going. I worry about how extreme all sides of the political farm are. I worry about the global instability of every time. I am concerned about how temperamental Mother Nature seems to be and the results her actions seem to have on our human infrastructures. And I really worry about how many people don't realize that they are nothing more then lobsters in the pot who are slowly boiling up.

What should we do about it? We should stand up for ourselves. We should protect our rights to be individuals, and a community. We should work to maintain control instead of "letting" the government take care of us as they see fit. No one, including other voters, should tell us how to live, think, and feel - nor should we try to tell them what to do. I also think we need to start helping each other out more. If we did a little more looking out for each other then we wouldn't appear to need anyone else to do it. We also need to live like we know how to take care of ourselves, our families, and our properties. 

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  1. I don't think the gov has any right whatsoever to govern who we help and why we choose to help and how often.. those laws are stupid! It's my resources and my money to do with as I please and if I want to take a whole community out for lunch.. I should be able to do that as many times as I can afford.

    I also think that we should have the right to choose what medical treatments and/or medications our children use. There have been medications that I have turned down because I didn't feel that the side effects of the drug outweighed the condition that my child had. The doctors understood my decision and prescribed a different drug (in this case it was antibiotics). My kid, my insurance, my money.. my choice!

    I don't watch the news that often so I had no idea of the restrictions now (have they changed?) but these are stupid restrictions. Thanks for writing this.. we need good people (like you) who keep us updated on these issues.


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