Thursday, June 2, 2011

Public Service Announcement: Hot Is DANGEROUS!

PSA #101 : If it is too hot or cold for you then it is too hot or cold for your child or pet.

I really hate when common sense fails people at the cost of their pet or worse, their child. I hate it more when it is common decency that is the cause of preventable tragedies. I really hate self centered humans who only care about their own desires and cost those who trust them the most, their health and well being.

If you are shivering when you leave the car, you should not leave your 7 month old in the car to go play at the casino. It is also a stupid idea to go to court and leave your 4 year old wandering a parking lot when it is bellow zero outside. And it is really out there to leave your 4 MONTH old in the freezing cold car while you shoplifting

Your pets get cold too. Their fur coat is only good to a point. If you must have them outside then make sure their shelter is better than an over turned boat. They need extra calories and water to heat their bodies not LESS food and no water. Pets are people too. I mean that you need to remember that they are living beings that require the same basic needs met that you do. 

OK, winter is finally over. Ain't it great? Only now that the cold is leaving, it is replaced by the heat. Again, don't be selfish, self centered, or down right stupid at the cost of someone else. Common sense, careful parenting, and thinking beyond yourself needs to be used. 

Let's cover the parenting part first because I actually feel bad for the parents that have to live with their honest mistakes. Make sure your vehicle trunks are the kind a child can't get into or can get out of. Know where your kids are, where they are going, and who they are with. When it is that hot and nasty out you need to use extra cation and extreme measures. 

Ok, for those of you who are either too wrapped up in your own needs or just plan evil let me help you avoid jail time. You will go to jail if you leave your baby and preschool aged child in the car while you get your hair and nails done. The strip joint is not a place for an infant but that doesn't mean you leave them in the hot car. If you want to do your drugs, have fun or other such stupid crap then find a sitter, an adoptive family, or reliable family member to care for your kids because a hot car will kill them. 

All of this also applies to pets, as does the whole food, water and shelter stuff we talked about already. Oh, and we don't beat, starve, cook, or torture our pets or children. If you don't want it done to you, if it is too hot or too cold for you then don't do it to the kids or pets.

~Wow, do I really need to tell you all this? Hopefully not, I trust not, but if you think someone needs to hear it please send them to me.~


  1. So true! Why are some peoples so stupid? Ugh! I hate people that don't even care about their pets and kids! Ugh.... People.... *sigh*

  2. So true! Why are some peoples so stupid? Ugh! I hate people that don't even care about their pets and kids! Ugh.... People.... *sigh*


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