Saturday, June 11, 2011

I Want....

I want....

I want to be pretty and wise
youthful and free
I want the good in my life to remain
pure in spirit and memory

I want the hard to be less 
the music to play
I want the sun to paint the sky
the stars to grant wishes

I want the the children to laugh
and never know real pain
I want the wars to end
soldiers to come home whole

I want my tears to make it better
smiles that reach your eyes
I want to do it over right
while holding treasures tight

I want to have enough of what you need
the world to turn slowly
I want to hold on
you to let go

I want to know peace deep inside
love spread across the miles
I want to be strong and steady
floating lightly on the waves

I want you to love me
just as I am
I want to be more then this
yet just the same

I want simple and sweet
long and lovely
I want life to be a garden in bloom
bees thorns and all

I want to be lost and found
to find contentment
I want to remember all I stand for
why I fight and smile anyway

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