Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Resources, Apps Reviews, Shares, and Free Stuff

***I will be updating this often so try to check back. Included here will be resources for help with Special Needs and Every Day Needs, App links and reviews, and links to free stuff that I find a long the way. Please share your own in the comments or tell me of any issues you have. Thanks All and I hope you find something you can use.***

Syllable Counting: This link leads you to a video about the app. and the information about cost and where to get it. I have not used it yet but when I can a chance to, I will tell you what I think.

A4cwsn: This is a great resource for many reasons. There are links to Apps, there are resources and ways to earn an iPad and other special needs items, and there is a great Face Book community to join here.

Freecycle: Need baby items? Short on food? Have clothes you grew out of... or dieted out of? Toddler done with his baby bed? Here is a great resource to give away your stuff or fill a need. You will be helping to keep good stuff from going to a junk heap and the Earth will thank you. It is easy to use and wide spread.

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