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Meet: Edward R. Cox

If you saw my recent post on the "Land Of Dreams" video, than you have met my friend Edward Cox. He and another actor, Gideon Hodge, played a ground breaking part as a gay couple riding the street car in New Orleans. I was able to talk with him about the project as well as find out a bit more about this creative man.

He and Gideon have had a rise in interviews and discussions because of the unique nature of their part in the video. Please check them out if you get a chance.

~ OutSmart Magazine, click Here for a great look at the story.

~ The U.S. Constitional Free Press has and article Here, that I'm not sure how I feel about it. It focuses on a couple of interesting points including that New Orleans is featured in the video but is listed as one of America's most dangerous cities. And how *cough* far from traditional American values the add is. Right. I have a different view of America then they do I guess. Make sure to read the other post to see my view of what America should be.

Hmmm... I wonder how Detroit missed the cut on that whole dangerous thing.

There are others out there so keep an eye out for them. You can search "Land of Dreams Tourism Commercial" to find all the different videos the campaign has released so far.

Edward Cox: This marvelous man is artistic in so many ways. He is a designer of sets, costumes, and all things magical. He acts in many different types of roles. And he is a man who speaks and stands for Human Kind.

He is a proud native New Orleanian and Actors Equity member. He has almost 50 years in entertainment. From filming lots of movies, doing lots of theater and making tons of gorgeous stuff, he has made his mark on the industry.

He is a professional Theatrical Director, Author, Designer, a proud member of Actor's Equity with a career that started before salt water, as he says with a smile. He also has many Mardi Gras designs including costumes, floats and much more.

He also lays claim to the classic screen vixen Paulette Goddard as a cousin of his. The Family Von Trapp singers, Of The Sound of Music fame, are blood-line relatives as well!

He is definitely more than meets the eye. He is open, gregarious, and enjoys having a great time. While work brings satisfaction and pride, he always adds that laughter and fun are a must. He is happily partnered for over 18 years and married to the love of his life, Vatican Lokey.

Find his professional information by following the links:


Stage Click
        * This link has a lot of great information and I highly suggest it. *

Agency Pro Public Talent Portfolio

Actors Access

Simply Stunning Designs - NOLA is a great place to look at (and learn how to purchase) some of Edward's wonderful creations. I Love visiting this page when it is at the high of activity.

Twitter! @GayGuyInAd

Gideon Hodge: The other actor in the video is Gideon Hodge. He was cast as the role of partner after Edward's own partner, Vatican was offered the part but had to turn it down due to a scheduling conflict that put him in New York.

Edward says, "To be honest, as far as I know he is straight, VERY open minded and open hearted and I adore him no matter what!

He and Gideon met on the set of "Land Of Dreams." Out of the other actors who auditioned for the role, Gideon was chosen to replace Vatican, who was cast alongside Edward since they are an actual married couple.

Gideon and Edward instantly gravitated to each another the moment we met. They became friends from the start. Edward says that he and Gideon have many things in common not the least of which is the love of acting onstage. This includes pantomime, dance and commedia del arte, and so much more.

They totally clicked while getting to know one another excitedly over breakfast before the shoot, which was great for the commercial. They filmed their segment in the St. Charles Avenue streetcar in New Orleans for about an hour and a half or so. With each take they were given direction verbally throughout, since it was silent footage to be used, and numerous setups and actions were filmed.

Edward shares a touching moment that I find speaks of why their part in the video is so note worthy to those who watch it. He describe to me the fact that he "held back" as to not make Gideon uncomfortable, but that really it wasn't necessary.

"Gideon is so wonderful a person that he 'went for it all' and I did so as well, which seems to have worked out fine. I even recall giving him a kiss on his head at one point and it felt right and natural for the moment. No bells and whistles and horns screaming "Look at us! We're GAY!"... just a Gay couple, two same sex male partners, relaxing and enjoying a streetcar ride together just like anyone else."

Gideon is a man of many talents. He acts and is soon releasing a novel called Lilith's Redemption based upon the myth of Lilith, Adam's first wife. He is the executive director at Society for Theatrical and Regional Art. 

Edward's Thoughts: A gay couple being presented in this historic first ever tourism campaign by and for the Untied States is being touted as "Groundbreaking." Gideon and Edward are being called "The Faces of Gay America to the World" in some of the Gay media. Edward says that it is most humbling and a little scary too! He is so proud that New Orleans got 3 segments in this commercial series that will appear in over 50 countries. He is prouder still to represent the Gay Community through New Orleans.

"I pray that this is a positive step forward for tolerance and understanding and acceptance not just across the world, but here in America where we truly need it, for all races, genders and especially for the LGBT community."

 Check out the first post on "Land of Dreams" here.

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