Friday, February 10, 2012

How or Why The Poor Are Happy: A View

"The happiest people aren't the ones who have everything, they're the ones who make the best out of everything they have." Shared by my friend Niki.
So what makes life good for any person? Laughter, love, and the everyday pleasures make the world better no matter what coins are in the bank. But it is hard for anyone to find happy when they are busy making ends meet, landing the next big deal, or dodging what ever scandal is on the horizon. Again, there are universal worries that have nothing really to do with money.
Life is complicated for everyone that makes it complicated. Some things we can not control. We have no way of avoiding the line at the store, the paperwork involved with life and death, and the job that moved out of state. We can not control the weather or the tide but we can control if we bring an umbrella or get off the beach before the tide comes in. 
We may not be able to control everything but we can control how we deal with it. Life is life. It has ups and downs and turn-a-rounds. Some times life goes easy and sometimes it acts like it has some serious issues, but it always comes down to how we handle it.
The working class has it a little harder to find the reason to smile when they are struggling. It is a simple fact of life. They still smile. It is actually the reason life is worth fighting for. And for most of them, it is simple things that will do it for them.
Kids are often a reason to smile. Pride in a job well done helps lighten the load. Weddings, birthdays, Sunday church, funerals, friends and family all bring reasons to touch base with the basic easy love of life. Simple quiet moments when the worries sink down like the setting sun aren't often but are golden.
Happiness isn't something we buy like a DVD player. Yeah, money is a bonus. It can make it easier to feel free and light, but it doesn't make a person truly happy. It is simple, simple moments that add up to a deep down contentment with the life we have and doing our best to find balance. 
I hear so many people talk about how great it is to rich and how not great it is to be poor. They're right to a point but so not right on the other hand. Yeah, it is very tough to get by some days and really easy others - for rich and poor a like. Honestly though, the poor appreciate the good in a way the rich may not be able to because it is harder to grab.
I don't care what you have in your bank or what you need to do every day, you need to find what ever gets you to that place where life is enough to bring you peace, love, and happiness. You need moments that make you smile... whatever ways you find. 
I wish you all you need and most of what you want.

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