Thursday, February 2, 2012

Helping Rowan Find His Voice!

(I didn't realize how hard it is to get to 5 or 10, let alone to 60.)

Child's Name: Rowan

Child's Age
: 4

Child's Disability: seizures, hypotonia, cp, chronic encephalopathy, severe apraxia, severe expressive language delay, moderate receptive language delay, 11 genetic abnormalities...  among other things.

Do you have specific Apps you are planning to use?
iReward, Touch Chat, My Virtual Playhouse (those are the ones he uses in Speech)

How do you think an iPad will change your child's life? 
His speech therapist says: "That Rowan may never gain the ability to use speech as his primary means of communication but having a personal iPad would give him the best chance to communicate at the level of his peers."

His neurologist says: "It would be highly motivating for him and will increase his ability to effectively communicate his wants, needs, and emotions with others." 

His mother says: He tries so hard to communicate but it is so frustrating for him and his family when we just can't understand. I know he has so much locked up inside that he could let out. He would be lighter and free to be more involved in the world. He would be able to learn better if he could show us what he already knows. There is so much help that an iPad contains. The reward program is a great way to help him see how well he's done and when we can be all done. I know there are other programs that would aid him in knowing what his day will contain, games to teach him things while we wait in the many waiting rooms we visit.

Why we are asking for YOUR help: Insurance is a funny thing. It will pay for an assistive device like THIS, that can cost thousands of dollars.  It only has one function. communication. The iPad has many functions for a fraction of the cost. In Rowan's case, his Speech therapist uses it to help his communication, his behavior, and to encourage his speech using description. Those go beyond the abilities of the traditional more costly devices. Insurance does not want to pay for the cheaper but more functional device.

At this time his family can not afford to meet this need on their own. With your help, we can give Rowan a voice for just a little bit out of several pockets.

Ways to help:
1. My therapist suggested the following way to earn an iPad2 with your help. Go to main page here and click on their products tab, then the tab for iPad challenge pieces. Or you can go directly to the right page for the challenge by clicking HERE.

***If you buy one of these pieces add Rowan Sandeen to the challenger line.***

Then share this with others. For the first 60 items from that page (only) Rowan will win an iPad2. For every 12 sold after that, Rowan will receive a $100 iTunes gift card to be used for the apps that he will use. 

You can read my review as we go through the challenge by clicking Here.

2. Hit the tip jar that is in the upper corner of the blog and put a note on your donation that it is for the iPad fund. 

3. Let me know if you know of another way to get Rowan what he needs. We have contacted several resources for help but the waiting lists are long because the iPads help so many children with so many different diagnoses. 

4. If you can't help yourself, PLEASE share the blog around to others who may be able to help.

****NOTE: I will be updating the number at the very top to count down to let you know how we are doing. Remember it starts at 60. I will also be sending the blog out at least once a week until we reach our goal, so I'm sorry in advance if you get sick of seeing it.****

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!

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