Sunday, October 2, 2011

Occupy This

Now, I want to talk to you about life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. 

I know that there are many different things happening in the world right now. Some of you worry, some of you don't, and some of us watch, take notes, worry a bit, but choose to live life as it flows. I'm from that last group. Things for the next year or so (I think say November 2012 will be an interesting time) are going to be rocky at best. So hang on to your hat, buckle up, and know what you need to know in order to let most of it flow past you harmlessly. 

Politics are going to be dicey. 

There is going to be either a return of the current president, which will upset folks, or a new Republican in office, which will be bad to other folk's way of thinking. Because there are sooooooo many extremes in both camps it is necessary to watch for fall out.

Before the election, there is going to be the usual pony play, the normal dances, and the over done game play that is really not helping our country in the least. AND ALL sides are doing it, not just the side you don't like. You know I'm right.

The problem with the parties playing the game in the usual fashion is that we as a nation and as a world, are not in our usual comfortable place that allows us to just play along.

Economic Woes

If you follow my blog, then you know that the poor are fighting to just keep their heads above water and it's only getting worse. There has been major changes in some states, like Michigan, that are making it even harder on some folks.

The middle class has been downgraded to the upper poor and the poor are now the below poverty level, and anyone below that is the forgotten class. There are those who are comfortable with life such as it is, but many more who are looking to blame someone.

In the past it was all the politician's fault but now people are looking to spread that blame out to the banks, the businesses, the people with money. If jobs are still being lost, kids being sent to foster care because they get the lights shut off, if people have to choose food over medicine they are going to keep getting mad.

The Basic Rights of America

People have lived in America thinking that this is the land of the free, that we have the right to be who and what we are, and that we can have our voices heard and put into place.

No one should have the right to limit what I feed my kids, how I practice my religion, or how I make ends meet as long as I do all of the above with in the laws that I helped vote in and am not causing unjust harm. But the latest trend is for one set of folks to tell another set of folks how to live, what to eat, and how they should care for themselves and those around them.

With those freedoms come the right to choose, to have a job, and to let other folks live out their lives according to our laws and their faith. BUT it also means that I have the responsibility to vote, to look out for others because if we fail in part - America fails in whole, and to take care of my own house (life).

The World

The world is full of issues. They are fighting for space, faith, human rights, economic uprisings, and food. Their issues affect our issues. We need to be aware and help when we can but we need to stop butting in where we don't belong and need to take care of our own home first. 

Even as you share what you have with your neighbor, you first feed your own children.

My Point

I know there is more I could and should say but my chest hurts and since there is still no medical I think I'll rap it up and try some rest. 

We are all in this together no matter what race we are, who we love, how much money we earned last year, or who our God is or isn't. When some of us fail in reality it really does touch all of us. So if we are to get through the global and national uprising that is sure to "trickle" down to our everyday lives we need to be there for each other.

Vote, and stand up for what is right not just what is popular. Share what you can because you may need someone to share with you at some point. Be there for each other. Stock up on the important stuff be cause even mother nature is in a bitchy mood. Stop taking other people's inventory. The government needs to keep our country running and let folks run their own lives. And giving a little to those who need help is not a bad thing. 

Occupy the Earth knowing that you aren't the only one here. You can't have it all your way and neither can "they" - no one should even want it all.


  1. Words of wisdom from one smart lady. All the best to you and yours as the world turns. One day at a time Tam.

  2. Thank you, and may you and those you love know peace (in all it's forms).


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