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How Hard Working Poor Make Their Pennies

"Simple facts as I see them: No group is as great as the best member or as bad as the worst. My home should be run by me, not the government or extended family and strangers as long as I maintain the health and well being of my family. My children will always come before anyone else. No extreme is a good extreme - Balance is key. Love is a must. Friendship is the flower of life's garden. Learning is life long. Smiles are the best kind of gift you can share with another. Peace - in mind, in home, in the world is a great goal. Contentment is a good thing. ♥ I wish you happiness ♥"

So what are we doing to make it through these tough times? How are those of us that are unemployed, going to school, and/or too unhealthy to work normal jobs making ends kind of meet?
We are writing books, blogging, making crafts, doing odd jobs, begging, borrowing, and doing what ever we can find to earn a penny or two. Below I'm going to share a bit of that with you in case you need some pennies. I'm also going to suggest a few folks you can look up, help out, start your christmas shopping with or just drop a few coins in their tip jars (like mine up there at the top right of this page) Good luck and Thank you!
Tip #1: Avoid any job that ask you for money. None of them are real (and if they are, please tell me about them) You can make a bit of money from "party" selling companies like Avon, but you have start up costs and they do take a bit of work to keep in the black.
If you like Avon and want a reliable dealer, check out my friend Rachel. Tell her Tammy sent you. Click here, too.
Tip #2: If you are a writer or even a commenter there are plenty of places to sell your thoughts for a part of a penny. I met many wonderful folks at MyLot though it has changed a lot since I started and even more since it started. Triond is a good place to post your poems, articles, and pictures. You will not make it rich on any site like these but you will find friends, some extra income, and you will be out there for others to see.
Tip #3: Sign up for legitimate work from home blogs and newsletters. You will know they are good because they won't sell you anything without clearly saying this is an ad, we are selling this, and it is what allows us to give you the free stuff.
Tip #4: If you good at research, transcript work, surveys and other such things try micro-working. It is not a lot of money but it's better then say tip #2 for me anyway. I work at M-Turk mostly and earn upwards of $50 a week on a great week. Be careful of scammers that sneak in. 
There are your starter tips. Now for some ways to help out the cause:
#1. When you want to shop anyway, click an ad or shop a store from a blogger's site or find a "at home" company. You are most likely helping out someone who really needs it. And if you have a business you can always place an ad with one of these bloggers. (I have great rates...)
A great example of this can be found at my right wing friends blog. Zilla not only has the ads, and tip jar but a store as well. She is one of the working class poor that still can't make it a full month on the paycheck her family works hard to bring in. Her family blog can be found here

#2. Many folks with blogs or causes sell their wares at to earn a few extra pennies.
To see an example of that, here is the site of a liberal who is very much for a return of our current president. He set this site up originally to help a friend get surgery and at the time was out of work. He has recently been hired back into the work place. 
#3. Buy Books from Independent Authors:
Here is a great Christian book that is done in a wonderfully simple yet deep way. The author is a man that has known the good and the bad of our politics, economy, faith, and family. Check out the FaceBook page to find Cuppa Christ: Coffee Break Devotions.
Politics and reality more your cuppa tea? Then check out Steve Knies. His books are a rare treat. I admire the author who went back to school recently to start over and has come out fighting. He still needs our support and his books make for great gifts.
How about some dark, bloody, horror type reading? The author of  Kickshaw Candies is R.K. Finnell. She is the mother of a special needs child who knows what it's like to struggle to get the necessary items to make life more manageable for her child. 
#4. Do you want to support some good causes, learn more about a cause, or just help out some good people who do good work?
Check out the Recycling Occupational Therapist and her great book.  
Heartfelt Inspiration's makes useable crafts from clothing to stress balls and feeding tube covers. I have bought many things from this reliable seller and one christmas she helped my children have gifts. She too s a special needs mom.
Buttons and More makes Autism Awareness products because children with Autism grow into adults with Autism. People forget sometimes.
#5: Others I want to shout out to just because:
Go Green on your next building project with Urban Aesthetics, LLC
Extraordinary Tails  works hard to save pets, as do their many friends. They are a great group of folks. So if you are an animal lover, show them some love. 
Some great wood working items done by a great guy can be found at The Art Of Infinite Thread.
There are more of my pals that I would like to tell you about but there is time for that in another blog. Remember everyone, that we are in this together and none of us will make it without helping each other out. You can help each other simply by spreading the word. It's better if you can spend your time and money helping those in need by giving them work. Order their product, read or watch what they produce, and share their talents.
For myself, I must ask that you remember that I get paid through the tip jar at the top of the page, and that the money you give goes to help feed my family. With out my friends, Family, and readers we would not have made it this far. For all of those that have helped in the past, Thank You.

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