Monday, April 23, 2012

Bully or Hero

Who will you be? The bully or the hero?
I want to share something I found in my travels. Please check out:

Autism Spectrum Disorder, through my eyes.

The following is from Marian F.............. ♥

"I'm just an ordinary everyday Mammy from Ireland and my son has ADHD but has a lot of autistic tendencies.....he appears to be normal in the physical sense but he finds life and school very hard. He was recently the target of a group of bullies but one person in his class spoke up for him......I wrote this poem from my sons heart. Only a mother knows their childs heart and what they feel:

I wrote this for my son Jack who has recently been bullied but thanks to one amazing young lad in his class who had the courage to stand up to the bullies he has given Jack his life back:

One little voice
Has changed my life
One little voice
Has given me a choice
Shakespeare says
Neither a borrower nor a lender be
I say
Neither be a bully nor bullied be
I’m just a little boy
Why can’t you see
It’s not my fault
I have ADHD
You tease and taunt
I grin and bear
While I cry inside
You pull my hair
I only want to fit in
I want to be accepted
But all you do is leave me
Feeling useless and dejected
One little voice
Has made me smile not mope
He stood up for me
And gave me back some hope
That one little voice
A classmate and a friend
I will always be grateful Thomas
Until the very end

I have since set up a group page called One Voice (on Facebook) but I have left the page to my sons hero Thomas ORowe and another classmate to run the page. They are 12 year old boys with so much wisdom they astound me.....I don't expect you to go onto the page but it's a place where adults and children with problems can talk to one another xxx"


  1. On her second day of school this year, my little first grade daughter came off the bus and was very upset. Two boys had cornered her on the bus and were picking on her. They targeted my girl because she is small in size and was sitting by herself. An older girl saw this and put a stop to it by going and sitting with my daughter, and they've been friends ever since. That girl is a hero to me, as are likely her parents to have raised such a good kid. I teach my girl that she is to do the same if she sees a kid getting isolated and picked on, and that mom & dad will always have her back if any trouble ever comes from doing the right thing.

  2. If we all taught our kids as well, then the bullies would be lost and the world a better place.


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