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Judging The Human Race

This starts out like it's about Detroit but it's not. It's just the example that started me thinking. I wonder if we replaced the city name and posed the same question to other folks what the reactions would be.
Comment 1: "The 18th most populated city who's median income per family is $31,000 and 32% of city resident's are living below the poverty line. We have to be more compassionate to the less fortunate...We must organize our life and affiliate ourselves with common minds, form our own interest groups through social networking and media... Then talk to our representatives. We got to save our schools and educate our selves. Be frugal. # SAVE DETROIT SAVE THE NATION ## WISH YOU ALL A LOT OF BLESSINGS"

The above was one of about half a dozen positive and compassionate comments out of the 79 total. The question was asked: What do you think it will take to save Detroit? by WDIV Local 4 News on their FaceBook wall. I want to share a few other answers.

*Please note that I am not including names because I am not going to violate private issues... but if you are the person who said it and want credit, tell me down below and I'll make the change*

Comment 2: A nuke.

Comment 3:  An army of bulldozers and National Guard.

Comment 4:  Considering the IQ of it's citizens and the deluded imbeciles they vote into office... Detroit is beyond saving. Even if Gov could save them from themselves with an EM, Detroit is a bombed out 3rd world cesspool

Comment 5:  A natural disaster that takes out Detroit and forces us to start over!

Comment 6:  Put up a wall around it, emancipate them, let them become their own country and fend for themselves. But get the water supply away from them first

Comment 7: a big fire....oops forgot they already tried that

Now, I thought maybe the darkness I read was based on the question. That it was just the politicians that the majority of people were hating on. I was hoping that people realized that the political field is responsible for a lot, criminals for some, and that good people still try to do good things in the city and deserve someone to stand up with and for them. 

Boy was I wrong.

I went to the story that had been linked to the question. I found it Here. Do you want to know why the world is going to end, why America will never be what it says it's dream is, and why I have lost so much faith in human kind? Read the comments on the article. Yeah, you can read the article too if you want but it's basically fluffy bull that is common in politics these days. The real meat is in the comments, and make sure you read a lot of them so you get a real feel for what's wrong in the world.

* To be clear none of the follow is the opinion or the station or it's people... ect and so on of removing them all from blame. *

For those folks who want just a highlight I will include a few:

Comment 1: (a good one first):  What is the purpose of the comment section here? Instead of talking about the issues, it's all about making racist comments. How is it that people are still this ignorant in 2012? Hiding the issues behind a bunch of small-minded throwbacks to the 1930's is what destroyed the city in the first place. I'll bet you that most of the people here making these comments only do it because they think they are posting anonymously. The people that are doing this are exactly what is wrong with the city. Instead of working together to solve problems, they are polarizing whites and blacks against each other. Our city is about 20% of what it once was.

Comment 2: (again, good points):  It's a shame someone didn't step in about 30 years ago when the city of Detroit started to fall apart, how can it be saved.  Maybe parts of downtown are nice, but go out into the neighborhoods, it looks a war zone. Someone gets killed an people are so used to it and numb from the killings you don't see them cry anymore. The laws are not strong enough for dope dealers, the little children don"t have a chance at life in Detroit.  THEY DO WHAT THEY SEE!!!!!!!  

Comment 3:  The state needs to build a wall around it not try to fix it. With the population make-up it has it would be the only cure. It can't be fixed. Followed by: right on, we are headed that way including the riots in the street, I wonder when the cops will realize it?

Comment 4: (This had 5 likes when I snagged it.) I would be willing to pay higher taxes to build a wall around the city of detoilet and that is about it. There is no fixing it. No one with the money or power to do so cares. Why would they. We all left that place 40 years ago and we left it to rot.(IT HAS JUST LIKE WE ALL KNEW IT WOULD) I mean geez is there one (even one) predominately black city in the USA that is successful. (the answer is no for you detroiters that may not know this) Yet you all think you can take care of it yourselves. We can only go by the track record of detoilet, after all it speaks for itself. Don't worry whitey will take care of you now. (as we have been for your entire existence)... I really love this. Once again detroiters have turned out just as expected.

Comment 5: (8 likes)  If the increasing popularity of disparaging Detroiter comments here don't convince you, the new state government should.....White people have finally had enough.

Comment 6:  Dig a big ol' hole and shove it in.

Are we having fun yet? 4 more and then I'll let you dig on your own if you're interested. Carry on...

Comment 7: (11 likes and the worst example so far)
Us normal folk call them n1ggers.
We live as far away from them as we can.
We call the police when we spot them in our neighborhoods.
They are monstrously ugly, stupid, and genetically predisposed to committing crimes.

Comment 8:
I saw a documentary a couple weeks back called 'Deforce' which consisted of a whole bunch of Detroiters blaming all of their problems on White people. It was a lot like this site but without the benefit of being able to ridicule them into a negrocious rage.
I really hope they stand their ground so we can sit and watch them kill each other over bounced paychecks. It will be a nice change of pace from watching them kill each other over sunglasses. Followed by: Gotta get the National Gaurd to block off the city first so none of it spills over in normal people's neighborhoods first.

Comment 9: Detroit has been morally bankrupt for decades. Followed by: How can you say that? Just because most people there have babies out of wedlock, get their sexual advise from rappers, and call each other n*gga and muthaf*cka.  Aren't they just morally outstanding citizens?

Comment 10: Get yer lootin' clothes on . .

My Point: 

Here's the problem as I see it: People are too caught up in blaming and stereotyping that they aren't seeing what is really going on. The people in charge are using it against us all.

We all want our "rights" but many people think they can deny the rights of others based on what they think is morally correct.

We all want to have our basic needs met with a little extra thrown in but many want to cut the ways some people get help. People are criticized and limited in even their ways of trying to get through. Last summer there was a family that went world wide because it struggled to have a garden.

We live in our day to day lives and many people have forgotten to reach out and help others. People judge the actions or inaction of others without thinking of the reasons behind the situation.

I was asked recently why the private citizens of Detroit don't tear down the empty houses themselves or mow all of the tall grass. The commentators said it was the duty and responsibility of the people who live in the neighborhoods. While I agree to a point, people often forget that it takes money to buy gas, you have to be physically able, and the people who are left in the hard hit areas are lacking in the basics let alone the extras.

We are all in this together but to expect a few to do the work of many without help is just stupid.

It is also stupid to make the worlds problems about race or sexual orientation. Religion can be a bigger issue when taken to extremes then both of the other things combined. People need to respect each other no matter what ways they differ.

Up Next: I'm going to try to show everyone that we are not all bad and I'm going to use Detroit as an example. I have sent out requests to a few of the local Good Guys to let me showcase their work a bit. I want to see the rays of light that this City contains. Then I want everyone to see it in their own corner of the world.

I will get them up and running as soon as possible.

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