Thursday, December 29, 2011

Fire and Ice (Poem)

Fire Parent
protective of their mind and body
anger at what can't be fixed or controlled
battling for every step forward
pushing for every right, every privilege

Ice Parent
mourns what can never be
wishes quietly on the star for what could be
hides tears and fakes laughter
sometimes quits for just a moment

Fire Child
Fights the noise and lights and pain
knows the different but desires the same
Anger at what they just don't understand
pushing for a norm that can handle them

Ice Child
hurts but can't tell anyone
is alone in a crowd but crowded out even alone
wishes to know how to laugh and cry
sometimes quits for just a moment

Fire Family
Marches against the odds
stomps on the preconceived notions
together overcoming the moments that make each day
pushes for and sometimes reaching a balance

Ice Family
treasures the quiet victories
makes smiles from moments others don't understand
deals and learns to make it work
knows the value of together, family, little moments

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  1. Beautiful poem, Tammy. Linked here:


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