Monday, November 14, 2011

Bad Apples Spoils The Basket

No Group Is As Good As Its Best Example,
Or As Bad As Its Worst.

The problem with anyone grouping people, races, religion, movements, parties, and classes together is that it makes assumptions that everyone with in that group is the same. That is simple crap.

People may have the same general thought or characteristic (such as a bank account) in common but be very different with how they got to that thought, what it means to them, and what they do with it. If you take any group as a whole for their individual action or motto, then you aren't really getting to the truth of the issues. You are doing a disservice to yourself as well as to them.

~~ And do not trust any one media source to tell you the truth. ~~

Let's just think this out for a minute. If you take the label out of any statement it loses its fire. People won't pay it the same kind of attention. If you want people to get their britches in a bunch, tell them how the people they are upset at did something they won't like. Don't tell them anything that may show the undesirables in a better light. 

Labels and the bad news is how people (MSM, politicians, and your in-laws) TRY to control you and your support. Think about what you hear: the Tea Party is against your race, the OWS movement is costing you jobs, the Republicans want to control your body, and the Democrats are giving all your cash to the lazy poor. They get you to hate a group, a label, a cause that is against theirs. 

Go ahead and tell me that it doesn't work.

If you spend your life hearing from respected people that: the Blacks will steal you blind, the Whites still make slaves of other cultures, Pagans all worship the devil, American Indians are all drunks, and the Christians are really using their faith to cover a sex ring - then you will believe what you were taught until you apply your own logic and knowledge.

It is a flawed way to control people who really can think about their own lives and know that they have seen the truth for what it is. And American's are starting to waken up and look at their lives and how they got where they are. People are slowly learning to look at the smaller details with-in the whole picture.

Don't you ever get lumped in with a group that you may share some trait with  but then feel put out because really they are the whole of you or your thoughts? 

Learn to look deeper then the group to see what the people are made up as before you judge. One jerk slicing an officer shouldn't say that all Occupiers as violent. One photo shopped picture doesn't make all Tea Party members fakes. One dumb racist prick shouldn't mark all of that race as evil. Know a faith before you paint horns on the one trying to save the Earth. 
How hard is this???? .... um.... never mind.... Don't answer that.
Even in the special needs community we are careful how we word our labels. If your child is labeled well then there are service to help them. If they are under labeled then you have more to carry on your own. If they have the wrong label or are correctly labeled but it is a label insurance company doesn't like then we are in all kinds of trouble. And then there are the people who think our child's label is what makes or breaks them. It is all they are. Never are my children the sum of their labels.
Tolerance, Understanding, Information, and simply letting people be people will go a long way to solving the issues that Labels create.

OK So My Point: 

If you hear of 3 people in a crowd of 100 doing something out of the norm of the group, then you should have a good idea of the true nature of the group by looking at the whole.

If you don't understand what the group stands for believes in, wants out of life.... try talking to them, reading about them (and not using MSM alone), LEARN before you judge.

Check and re-check what you think you know with what you can prove from your own life experiences. If you have know 50 cops in your life and only one was kicked off the force for bad behavior then you have a good indication that most cops want to do their job as best they can so the media may be full of garbage if it says that most cops are dirty. 

Don't judge. And if you feel you have to take a side, learn the good and bad of both sides before you do. Don't just go with the one you always have because you always have.


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