Monday, August 15, 2011

A View: 187 Murder Death Kill and Other Detroit Specialties (pg-13)

You are the one who needs to stand for something, for change, for whatever you think is important. YOU make the difference. Read this.

In a 24 hour period, more then 16 people were hurt from violence in the city of Detroit. At least seven people died. In 24 hours.

Are you kidding me? What is more disturbing is how people think that every person living in the city is a criminal, a waste of resources, and the cause of their own demise.

And if you think beyond this city, you find that others are going through equally violent trends. How is Chicago doing? How is New Orleans fairing after it saw its own dramatic drop in population, much like Detroit but for some different reasons? Are those cities with their bad crime rates a waste of resources and full of no good nothings? How do things get this way? Why, just Why? Because everyone gave up, blamed others, and stopped caring even about their own.

People say to pray that the devil lets go of his hold on this city and all will be returned to it's formal glory. I say bull! Pray, cast spells, or hope.... none of that means crap if people are doing JUST that. You can pray till the cows come home, cast a hundred spells, and hope with all your heart to win the lottery but it is guaranteed NOT to work if you don't buy a ticket. In this case the simple fact that many people people are praying that someone else fixes the problem... Good luck with that.

This is YOUR piece of the American dream. This messed up town or city, state or country is yours. Not just Detroit but all over. The extremes aren't working. Ignorance isn't working. If you are relying on the mainstream media and the current government (all sides) then STOP IT! They are full of self-suiting, spun crap. It is up to you to protect yourself, those you love, what you hold important, and the country you want to see.

I am not the brightest bulb in the drawer but I can shine when its my turn. Here's what I have come to know - 

1. You get your best information from other folks who are living the life on an everyday level. If you lean Right there are folks for you that see things from street level. Check them out through here at Zilla's blog. If you are a Leftist, then go Here.   

I don't care what side of the road you are on... just don't take anyone's word for it without looking long and hard at the situation. THINK before you act, or even react. It's important. Freedom and our right to it should not be given away so easily.

2. "Not all of any group is the same as their worst example or as good as their best member." This applies to almost every group you can think of. Don't write off a whole class of people because a few are cheats. Don't write off a politician because they sit on the wrong side of your daddy's party, which probably isn't anything like it was when your daddy first signed up. Race, class, and sexual orientation really shouldn't be an issue when we have much bigger worries.

3. The war is coming. Prepare now. Get your basement ready. Buy rice, fuel, water, and all that good stuff because war is coming. I'm not sure what will finally tip the scales - unemployment and loss of social benefits, political warfare, enemies from other countries, Mother Nature finally realizing we are her biggest parasite???? Someone, Something is going to piss off someone enough. Or maybe we will just finally realize that we were all right and the government as a whole is full of scary folks who are taking our freedoms away without our OK. 

If you want to save your piece of the American dream, then act first, pray later.

YOU are the change you keep asking for. Don't like the garbage on your street? Get a bag and clean it up. Don't like the guy driving your schools into the ground while driving a $40,000 car? Tell folks about it until someone listens. And for the sake of all that is good in the world Help Each Other Out! If we could count on each other why would we need so much government aid (that they are cutting to the bone anyway)? 

And while you are busy helping each other, stop worrying about what goes on in other people's bedrooms between consenting adults, what I'm eating that may be bad for me and if I give my kid a toy with his nuggets and apple dippers. Worry about the drug dealers on your block and report them. Call on that man who is beating his wife and kid. Mow that overgrown lot that is right next to your lot. 

Stop regulating the stupid crap and pay attention to the important stuff. It's all smoke and mirrors.... they distract you with trans-fat and breastfeeding in public, while they pass a bill closing the local film market's credits that have brought your city jobs. Pay attention and stand up. 

What if I ask real nice? Please? Pretty Please with Sugar on Top?

Oh and one more thing.... if there was work, jobs, then there would be less folks with nothing better to do then cause problems, dull the pain with drugs, or try to make it legally, fail and then find an illegal way to feed his family. And before you say you know that the poor are poor because they want to be.... Read this. 

☮ ♥ Know you are not alone, we are all in this together.

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