Sunday, March 27, 2011

What's Real Love?

"Know love in all it's forms 
and know nothing less then contentment"

I was talking with a friend recently and we got talking about Love. I got thinking about it and now you are stuck with reading about it. I know, I know... you can check out any time you want.... but can you really ever leave?

When most people hear the word Love, they think of the love between a man and a woman. But really, at some point, I think we all reach for a more basic Love. The love that is shared in every type of relationship. Love forms between family members, friends, and even couples that is truer and deeper then the general obligatory type that the label suggests.

Real love is full of simple shared moments. It doesn't have that desperate clingy feel that often comes with the loves that spark hard and fast then burn out. It tends to be steady and reliable even with the bumps that life brings. You know about what to expect and so does the other person. No, it isn't a boring love. There are surprises but not usually the kind that derail the relationship.

Real love tries to understand, shares, guides, but doesn't expect you to always follow. It allows you to be you and loves you all the more for it. Love wants better and more for you but knows that you will do what you need and want to at your own pace. It accepts that. It's even ok with it. And just as importantly, it doesn't judge, hold it against you, or say "I told you so."

Real love isn't easy or really hard. It just is. It rides the tide of life.... some times requiring extra from you while other times giving you an extra bit. You have to give in order to receive but you should give because you love, because it is the right thing to do not to gain. I'm just sayin' 

Real love laughs, smiles, cries, and aches right along with you. It tells you that you can over come, that you've done well, and that it's all good. It forgives. It asks forgiveness. It isn't perfect, may not last forever, but it is a treasure that you will always hold in your heart. 

Accept love, give love... in all it forms. The love from a friend can ease pain and bring smiles. The love from a child can chase away the darkest clouds. The love from a mate can ground you when the world turns upside down. Things happen, life changes, and so does love. It's sad but worth the risk. You will find real love gives you the chance to be the best you that you can be and reaching for more then you knew you could.

Know Love, Peace, and Contentment.

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