Saturday, February 19, 2011

One person's junk...

"Give of yourself and you give a gift to yourself"

I am "poor" but only in money and things. Many times friends and strangers who have helped my family through. They give their junk, their time, their kindness, and even their money. I can't re-pay them in kind but I can honor their gifts by returning the favor to some one else in need.

Too many people have no one to pick them up when they are down. They aren't looking for hand outs, just a hand up. So that's what I try to do when I can. I know what it's like and that understanding is why I know that even a set of clothes for your little boy can mean tons.

So how does one go about helping others when there isn't much going into the family budget? If you haven't used it in 6 months, if you don't like it, if you don't need it, or if it doesn't fit anyone.... find it a new home. There are places you can drop off your "junk" like the Salvation Army. Or you can meet specific people's needs with groups like that allows you to offer your stuff and even find new "junk" for your own home. 

We clean our cupboards out three times a year. What we haven't, can't, or won't use is given to the homeless that live near by. You can give it to your local food pantry. There is always a need there and it has grown to a constant battle to meet the demand.

Want to teach your children a good lesson? Twice a year, have them clean out their toys. Anything they have out grown, don't use , don't like... donate. Have them deliver the donations. Talk to them about sharing and giving even when you don't have a lot. 

"If you have enough, then there is always room to share."

In sharing what you can, not only are you helping another person but the Earth. I have seen people put perfectly good, well working items to the curb to end up in a land fill. It breaks my heart for so many reason. Think of the little girl who could play and love that dress up table that your little girl out grew a year ago. Think of how long it will rot and poison the environment in a land fill.

The biggest payout to giving your "junk" to someone else, is that you will feel good about it. You will know that you are helping make the world better on many levels. You will know that you are making someone's personal world brighter. You will be doing the right thing.

I am thankful for every gift I have been given,
~time, friendship, clothes, food, or money~
I vow to honor those gifts in the trues way 
I am able.

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